Acoustic Telemetry in the Great Lakes Keeps On Pinging

This February, multiple biologists from the Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office participated in a (virtual) annual coordination meeting for Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (or GLATOS). This bi-national network helps to facilitate collaboration and research on fish movement ecology, also called biotelemetry. The meeting spanned three days, consisting of multiple case study presentations and breakout sessions for each of the Great Lakes to discuss projects and research questions. In Lake Ontario, there are nearly a dozen active telemetry projects for a wide array of fish species, ranging from muskellunge to yellow perch to salmon. The Lower Great Lakes FWCO actively maintains two arrays in Lake Ontario (colored red on the map) to study lake sturgeon, lake trout, and cisco. For more information on GLATOS visit (Contact: Greg Kronisch)

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