Meet the Fall Artist in Residence - Jason Barcus

As a way to regularly highlight the creativity of our local community, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, in collaboration with Friends of Parker River, hosts an artist-in-residence program, that features art from the nearby area. Below is the narrative from the current artist, Jason Barcus, in his own words.

Photography of wildlife and landscapes is a passionate hobby of mine, and allows me to connect with the creatures and unique ecosystems around the globe. One of my favorite subjects to shoot are also some of the most frustrating and challenging... birds. Very rarely sitting still and always moving out of the frame at the last second, their seemingly endless energy and vibrant personalities never cease to entertain.

Originally from Texas, with a 15-year stint in the Midwest, I now live in Boston, Massachusetts. Most of the time you'll find me outside; hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, and generally just learning about the natural world. I love traveling, architecture, people watching, and exploring new cultures. I am passionate about environmental issues, urban gardening, and green energy initiatives. I also read widely, and think deep thoughts in quiet places.


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