3-200-58: Permit Issued Retrospectively - Supplemental Application (CITES)

Retrospective permits are CITES documents, issued in limited situations, that authorize an export, re-export, or introduction from the sea after that activity has taken place, but before the shipment is cleared for import (see 50 CFR 23.53).  

This application form 3-200-58 is supplemental to the application that should have been submitted before the activity took place. In addition to the information requested in this supplemental form, you must complete and submit the application form 3-200-XX appropriate for the activity that took place without the proper CITES documents. The processing fee is associated with the appropriate application form that should have been submitted prior to the activity.

For example, if you left the U.S. with your CITES-listed pet without a CITES pet export permit, you will need to apply for a retrospective permit. To request a retrospective permit, you must complete and submit the pet permit application (3-200-46), the pet permit application fee, and the supplemental retrospective application 3-200-58.

Please note that in most cases, a retrospective permit cannot be issued for commercial shipments unless you meet one of the qualifying factors cited in 50 CFR 23.53. Under the General Permit Procedures found at 50 CFR 13.1(a), a person must obtain a valid permit before commencing an activity for which a permit is required.  Additionally, a retrospective permit cannot be issued for personal items that are shipped or mailed because they do not qualify for the personal effects exemption cited in 50 CFR 23.15(d).

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

  • Complete and submit the supplemental application form 3-200-58.
  • Complete the original 3-200-XX series application form for the activity that has taken place. 


To Submit Online

For Mail-in Submission

Application Processing Fee

There is no fee for this application. See the activity for which a permit is being sought for the appropriate permit fee. Submit the processing fee associated with the original application form.

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