Three deer running at Occoquan Bay NWR

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge hosts an annual white-tailed deer hunt to manage the deer population on the site. Hunts are generally scheduled for November and December. Occoquan Bay operates a lottery based hunt, participants must view an online orientation video that defines the rules of the hunt, as well as the management objectives, before purchasing a hunt permit. All hunters are required to have a state hunting license and each must show proficiency with firearms by qualifying at a firing range. The hunt qualifies through the Virginia’s Deer Management Assistance Program.

Hunt Dates: Thursday November 16 & 30, 2023

Scout Date: Sunday November 12 2023, 9am-2pm

The Lottery for the 2023 hunt will open July 28, 2023.

Lottery, orientation, and permit sales administered on

The 2023 Northern Virginia Managed Hunt Shotgun Qualification Card can be found here