A man and a woman paddling a red boat on calm waters carrying fishing gear

Boats (max 25 hp) are permitted on Lake Drummond only, as the ditches are not maintained for passage. Note that Lake Drummond is on average 3 feet deep. 

Boats can access Lake Drummond from 2 entry points: 

Boat Ramp from Wildlife Drive: At the end of Lake Drummond Wildlife Drive there is a boat ramp and parking area. Enter the refuge at the Railroad Ditch/Wildlife Drive entrance (3120 Desert Rd).
No special permits are required for boating, however, this entrance requires a $5 entry fee for vehicles. The fee is waived with a Refuge pass or other Parks Pass (Senior, Military, Annual, Access, Ducks Stamp). There is a self-service payment station 1/2 mile down Railroad Ditch Rd., or the fee can be paid during office hours at the headquarters building  at 3100 Desert Rd.

Feeder Ditch: A water-only access operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. This entrance is located at the Ballahack Road Boat Ramp along the Dismal Swamp Canal in Chesapeake, VA.