Facility Rules and Policies

When you explore the Refuge, please remember that Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge is a special place for wildlife and people. By observing the rules, you will both enjoy and protect the rich diversity of habitats and wildlife.

Refuge Regulations

Camping and fires are prohibited on the Refuge.

Only licensed vehicles are allowed on designated Refuge roads.  ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles are prohibited on the Refuge.

Parking most not impede traffic or block gates.  Vehicles may park up to one vehicle width from the nearest edge of road.  Driving through flooded roadways is prohibited.

Air-thrust or inboard water thrust boats are prohibited.

Dogs and all pets must be kept under strict control at all times.

Horseback riding is not allowed.

Collecting of shed antlers is prohibited on the Refuge.

Searching for and collecting artifacts is prohibited on the Refuge.

The use of drones is prohibited on the Refuge.

Fireworks, littering, and public intoxication is also prohibited on the Refuge.