Dworshak manages a small crew of dedicated volunteers who participate in multiple onsite and offsite activities such as: 

  • spawning
  • tending to hatchery grounds
  • tours
  • outreach events

Many of our volunteers have been working at Dworshak for over a decade. They are dedicated and knowledgeable and are definitely part of our Dworshak crew.

Want to volunteer? Call Angela to learn more: (208)476-2238

Our Partners


Partnership is a very important part of operations at Dworshak.  Our partnerships come in various forms, from funding sources, to collaboration on projects, to outreach events. Some of our internal partners include the Lower Snake Compensation Plan Office, the FAC outreach team, Local schools and colleges, as well as many organizations and businesses. 

Establishing close working relationships with outside agencies promotes unity for the cause of raising healthy fish and environmental conservation.


At the annual kids fishing day event, partners are invited to offer experiences and education to youth about conservation, the outdoors, fishing and connecting with nature. Approximately 200 people spend their day at Tunnel Pond, managed and shared with us by the Nez Perce Tribe.


Dworshak’s Information/ Education program provides comprehensive visitor services, education, and year-round public outreach programs at hatcheries and in local communities throughout Idaho and eastern Washington. Program goals include:

  • Increasing visibility of hatcheries
  • Providing information about hatchery programs and services
  • Developing effective public awareness and educational activities
  • Promoting the region’s fish and wildlife resources
  • Fostering support and understanding of Fish and Wildlife Service activities

Outreach goals are achieved through a variety of activities, including guided tours, school programs such as Hatchery in the classroom, career days and fry release events, information booths and presentations, veteran fishing days, red shirt fishing day and youth fishing days. Information/Education staff partner with federal, Tribal, and state agencies, nonprofits, and special interest groups to provide quality programs.  Our Outreach program also manages a robust group of volunteers who participate in events such as spawning, outreach, tours and hatchery work. 

Education Programs

Hatchery in the Classroom is a program managed primarily through two separate partners. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and the Lewis Soil Conservation District. Dworshak is happy to be such an integral part of this program by providing approximately 2800 eggs to classrooms for onsite tank rearing. Eye'd steelhead eggs are delivered during the first week of March, and soon after delivery, schools to come visit Dworshak to observe spawning as part of the lifecycle curricula. Approximately 1600 kids, teachers and aides pass through our upper deck to watch spawning, along with hundreds of other people who share the common interest of watching our process. 

In May, Dworshak is invited to 'release day', where hundreds of fry are released into local creeks to begin their journey to the sea. Educational games, lessons and information is shared with the kids, which turns into a fun day for all.