Cultivating Habitat for Pollinators and People

Native plants and pollinators go hand-in-hand.  Pollinator species such as bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles, bats, flies and hummingbirds distribute pollen, vital for the reproduction of over 75% of food crops and flowering plants worldwide.  To have native pollinators, you need local native plants.  Local native plants support pollinators year-round and are friendly to our landscapes.  Once established, native plants require less maintenance and more time for you to relax and enjoy the garden!

We’re busy as bees creating a thriving new backyard around the Headquarters to be used by both pollinators and people to enjoy! This wonderful, ambitious project with be completed in phases as time, staff and resources allow.  The selected plants to be used in the project are Native to Idaho, many even locally adapted!

Tentative Timeline of Project

  • Phase 1 (Spring-Summer 2022)
    • Rockscaping around Headquarters building with native shrubs and grasses.
    • Install new concrete walkways to connect Chickadee trail to south sidewalk.
    • Configure water system.
    • Install deer fence with gates.
    • Install bee and bird houses.
    • Build and install pergola to Northwest entrance to backyard habitat.
    • Plant butterfly garden area and along zig-zag fence.
    • Broadcast native seed mix (Fall 2022).
  • Phase 2 (Spring/Summer 2023)
    • Finalize water reconfiguration.
    • Plant remaining areas.
    • Add water/sand areas
    • Install interpretive signage and other plant signs