Nerodia clarkii taeniata

Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake

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The Atlantic salt marsh snake is a slender, heavily keeled water snake about 2 feet in total length, with a pattern of stripes that are variously broken into blotches. The dorsal ground color is pale olive, patterned with a pair of dark brown stripes running down the back and enclosing a pale mid-dorsal stripe. These dark stripes usually become fragmented posteriorly into a series of elongate blotches. There is also a row of dark blotches along the lower sides of the body, which merge to form stripes in the neck region. The ventral surface is black with a median series of yellowish spots. This snake feeds on small fish in shallow water. It is most active at night, during periods of low tide.

Scientific Name

Nerodia clarkii taeniata
Common Name
Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake
Atlantic Saltmarsh Watersnake
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