Malheur NWR_School Groups

Conservation education and environmental education school program activities are available at a number of facilities. At Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, outdoor classrooms are available to give students the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while promoting an understanding of wildlife conservation.

Programs at the Refuge are designed for school groups of all ages, including high school and university students, environmental education organizations, and the general public.

When to Go

You're bound to come away with new insights and excitement about conservation all year long. The greatest variety of waterfowl and songbirds can be found on the Refuge from late winter through the end of May, but something worth viewing is available at any time of the year. The abundance of species varies by the seasons, as you will see by the available Watchable Wildlife Brochure and the Refuge’s Average Early Arrival Dates for migratory species if you come in spring with particular species in mind. Spring is best for wildlife watching, not just because the birds are in fresh plumage and engaged in public display, but also because large flocks of some species make spectacular appearances in the newly wet meadows, which brings many species out in the open.