A System for Mapping Riparian Areas in The Western United States

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These technical procedures serve as a reference for conducting the image analysis work normally associated with mapping riparian riparian
Definition of riparian habitat or riparian areas.

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and associated habitats. This document is intended to be comprehensive, however situations may develop that require modifications or additions. It is impractical to include all of the technical aspects of data handling and analysis within this document or anticipate all resource inventory needs. Users are advised that other written conventions or formal training may be useful in recognizing and describing riparian habitats, image interpretation and/or mapping protocols.

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Large pool of water surrounded by low tundra grasses under cloud covered sky.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the principal federal agency tasked with providing information to the public on the extent and status of the nation’s wetland and deepwater habitats, as well as changes to these habitats over time.
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