About Us

Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery has produced lake trout for stocking into the Great Lakes since 1951. The hatchery is the first lake trout facility for the Lake Trout Restoration Program.

Biologist off-loading yearling lake trout from Pendills Creek NFH onto the stocking vessel, the MV Spencer F. Baird.

Our Mission

Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery has contributed greatly since 1951 to the restoration of lake trout populations in the Great Lakes. The hatchery produces more than 1 million lake trout yearlings for spring stocking into Lake Michigan and Lake Huron each year.

Our History

1951 - The hatchery was established.

1977 - The main office building burned down and was rebuilt.

2009 - The fish production building construction was completed to protect hatchery fish.

Other Facilities in this Complex

Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery is a sub-station of Pendills Creek NFH.