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Paul Wilkes
Assistant Regional Director, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration, Southeast Region

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About Paul Wilkes

As Manager of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration pProgram (WSFR) Paul administers a variety of grant programs in the Southeast Region in cooperation with the Fish and Wildlife Service’s partner state agencies. With a cumulative total of approximately $305 million annually, these grant funds are used to enhance the state’s ability to manage their fish and wildlife resources for the benefit of the public.

Paul began his career at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources as a field technician in 2012 where he worked in the Lake Fisheries Research Unit. He then served as the Aquatic Nuisance Species Biologist before moving to Assistant Director of the Fisheries Division where he coordinated Fisheries grants and worked with local partners on boating access projects. Prior to joining the service Paul was serving as the Acting Fisheries Director in Kentucky, working with the agency’s Commission on fisheries regulations and overseeing management of the Commonwealth’s fisheries.