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In eastern Oregon, sagebrush sagebrush
The western United States’ sagebrush country encompasses over 175 million acres of public and private lands. The sagebrush landscape provides many benefits to our rural economies and communities, and it serves as crucial habitat for a diversity of wildlife, including the iconic greater sage-grouse and over 350 other species.

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stretches to the horizon, and the night skies shine without interference from city lights. Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is within this sparsely populated area, known by some as the “Oregon Outback.” It’s a relatively unknown area where hunters can venture into places few tourists or outdoor enthusiasts see. The refuge, established to conserve dwindling populations of Oregon’s iconic pronghorn antelope, contains thriving herds and other big game species. In the rugged, rocky ridges, hunters can pursue California bighorn sheep, a subspecies that prefers high desert canyons. On the sagebrush flats, mule deer and pronghorn hunting can be excellent. Pronghorn, mule deer and bighorn are managed as limited entry hunts. Hunters must apply annually through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife controlled hunt application process. For successful applicants, it can be a hunt of a lifetime. The refuge also offers hunting opportunities for chukar, California quail and waterfowl (duck, merganser, goose and coot). The entire refuge may be hunted except for the three-mile no hunting zone around refuge headquarters. An off-highway vehicle is recommended, and hunters should carry food, water and other supplies because of the extreme remoteness. In winter and spring, most roads are impassable because of snow or wet conditions. Please avoid driving on muddy roads for your own safety and the protection of fragile resources. Emergency services and roadside assistance are not readily available. Refuge staff are not able to provide or sell gas, towing or auto repair service. Hunters are likely to see interesting wildlife and may encounter Native American petroglyphs. All visitors must follow refuge public use regulations, state regulations and refuge hunting and fishing regulations.