A graphic showing a red stop sign with a boat on a ramp.
Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species starts with all of us. By working together we can protect our aquatic resources and recreational opportunities for future generations.
A pile of mussels.
Beneath the surface of the water, embedded in river bottoms, hidden in estuaries, and mistaken for rocks, lurk the invisible engineers of our aquatic ecosystems. Throughout our waterways, from urban rivers to the country streams, countless freshwater mussels are cleaning the water, taking out the...
Zebra mussels on moss balls in front of Betta Buddies and Shrimp Buddies packaging
Looking for office décor? Do you have fish in need of somewhere to hide? How about a new fuzzy, low maintenance friend to welcome into your home? Some will say the soft and spongy freshwater moss ball can help you with any of these needs.
a big silver colored fish
Just like in human populations, fish diseases can emerge and spread naturally, or they can be unintentionally spread from one population of fish to another. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s fish health centers have launched a new tool to help in the fight to protect wild fisheries.