• Refuge Open House 2019

    Refuge Open House is March 16th

    Registration required and available Mar 1 9am - Mar 14 9pm at floridapantherday.eventbrite.com

  • Panther Social Final

    Friends Panther Social

    This year the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge are excited to host their annual meeting at FPNWR Fire Operations Center!

    Click Here For Registration Until March 14th 9pm!

  • Panther carrying kitten - Promo List

    The Florida Panther

    The Florida panther is an endangered subspecies of Puma concolor, and is the only breeding population east of the Mississippi river.

    Florida Panther

  • Prescribed burn - rotator

    Good Fires Prevent Bad Ones

    Fire is an important part of Florida’s natural ecology. Prescribed burning seeks to reproduce the positive effects of natural wildfires.

    Prescribed Burning

  • Python 1

    Report Python Sightings

    If you have a live animal in front of you right now, call 1-888-Ive-Got-1

    Report Invasive Animals with EDDMAPS

Happenings on the Refuge

Open House 2019 and the Panther Social!

March 16, 2019 Open House 2019 Final

On Saturday March 16th 2019, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge proudly presents the annual Refuge Open House from 10am-2pm! This year's guided hikes, swamp buggy tours, and interpretive activities will take place across the Refuge at our hiking trails, fire operations center, and hunt club locations for quality experiences surrounded by the Refuge's natural beauty. Orchid wet walks, archery lessons, plant pressing, fire management, poetry hike and more! All activities are free and require registration, which is available March 1st 9am - March 14th 9pm at floridapantherday.eventbrite.com And don't miss this year's special event happening 3-6pm the same day- the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge's first annual Panther Social! Join our Friends at the fire operations center for an evening of BBQ and keynote presentations about the future of the Friends and Refuge! Tickets are $15 with all proceeds directly supporting the Friends panther conservation and Refuge support activities. Tickets available until March 14th 9pm at floridapantherday.eventbrite.com!

Click Here To Register Until March 14th!

South Florida Deer Research Project

Deer 3 Persistent

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is proud to serve as a research site for one of the largest Florida white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus seminolus) studies ever conducted in the state! The South Florida Deer Research Project is made possible through partnership between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the University of Georgia. In addition to the Project's leading partners, researchers and managers from multiple organizations are involved along with Big Cypress National Preserve also hosting as a research site. This long term and large scale study aims to gain a better understanding of our deer ecology, including how habitat, hydrology, predation, and hunting impact deer population dynamics.

Learn More & Find Updated Quarterly Reports
2018-2019 Waterfowl Hunting at Ten Thousand Islands NWR

Hunting at Ten Thousand Islands NWR


This 2018-2019 season, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge continues to provide the Hunting Regulations and Permit online. Click the link below to go straight to the permit and print one out for yourself!

Hunting Regulations and Permit

About the Complex

Southwest Florida Gulf Coast Refuge Complex

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is managed as part of the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast Refuge Complex.

Read more about the complex
About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife, and plants.

Learn more about the NWRS