Instructions for Lost and Stolen Devices

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Originating Office
Information Resources and Technology Management

It is vital that employees report a lost or stolen device as soon as possible so that Information Resources and Technology Management (IRTM) personnel can perform the necessary actions to protect the data on the device and prevent any potential security issues. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, follow these procedures:

1. Report the incident within 24 hours. To do this you:

a. Call your Regional/Headquarters (HQ) Help Desk. Help Desk personnel will open a ticket assigned to your Regional/HQ Mobile Device Management Administrator. The Administrator will wipe the device as soon as possible. You can find current Help Desk contact information on the Service’s IRTM intranet page under “Regional IT Support,” or you can contact your supervisor or a work colleague to help you find the appropriate contact information if you do not have access to the intranet.


b. Use the Incident Reporting SharePoint form to submit an incident ticket. This is another way to track the resolution of these issues. After opening the form, click on “Add New Item” to add your ticket to the list. If you are unable to connect to the Department network, and thus cannot access SharePoint, complete Step 1(a) and submit a ticket as soon as possible.


c. If you cannot your reach your Regional/HQ Help Desk (due to time zone differences, for instance), you should leave a message. At that point, you can also try contacting a different point of contact within your Region or program so that they can submit an incident ticket on your behalf. You can also try calling the Enterprise Help Desk at HQ (phone number is (800) 520-2433) if that would allow you to report the incident sooner. As long as you have at least left a message with any of these entities, you will have fulfilled the requirement to report the incident within 24 hours.

2. If applicable, call your cellular provider to report the loss and have the line of service suspended until further notice.

3. Reset your Google Application for Government (GAfG) password as soon as you are able to connect to the Department network. This password is used to configure BisonConnect on mobile devices. Instructions for resetting this password can be found on the Mobile Device Management SharePoint.

4. Reset your Windows/Active Directory password as soon as you are able to connect to the Department network. To do this you:

a. Log on to a workstation that is currently connected to the network, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and click “Change a password…” or

b. Log on to and select “Reset Password.”