Batavia Waterfowl Production Area (WPA)

Batavia WPA Ashley Creek 512x219

 Ashley Creek flowing through Batavia WPA

 Batavia WPA was purchased in 1975 and consists of approximately 340 acres of upland and 170 acres of wetlands and marsh. Wet areas are influenced by both high ground water and by surface water diverted out of Ashley Creek. This WPA has several artificial impoundments with nesting islands as well as man-made dikes. The WPA also has a natural perennial stream (Ashley Creek) flowing through it. Ashley Creek is created by overflow from Ashley Lake (Salish Mountains) and flows through Smith Lake WPA before flowing through Batavia WPA. There is a stoplog structure at the northwestern portion of the WPA. During spring runoff (March to early July), stoplogs are used to help backup water to flood portions of the WPA.

Waterfowl use of Batavia WPA is high and it provides good quality habitat for Canada Goose nesting. Black Terns have also nested on the WPA but have not been documented recently.

Please note that Northwest Montana Waterfowl Production Areas are closed to all public access from March 1st to July 15th each year to limit disturbance to nesting birds.
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