About Us

Our hatchery lies on 235 acres in eastern Massachusetts. We host an interpretive nature trail, plant and pollinator gardens, and a fishing pond for visitors to enjoy. We are raising American shad for restoration efforts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island - in the Charles, Merrimack, Pawcatuck, and Pawtuxet Rivers.  We raise brook trout for local family fishing events, and educational outreach events. 

Our History

Our hatchery has been rearing fish for New England states since 1950. A unique feature of the facility is it's capability of producing warm, cool, and cold water fish species. We originally provided largemouth bass and bluegills for stocking in southern New England. In the mid 1950's the cold water facility was constructed and catchable rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout were provided for stocking in federal and state managed streams, lakes, and ponds.

The facility also operated as a broodstock broodstock
The reproductively mature adults in a population that breed (or spawn) and produce more individuals (offspring or progeny).

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station and shipped eyed rainbow trout and brook trout eggs to many federal and state hatcheries throughout the country. Walleye were produced in cooperation with the state of Massachusetts in early 1980's and striped bass fingerlings were provided for the Chesapeake Bay and Kennebec River from mid-1980's to early 1990's.

Atlantic salmon production began in 1985 and was the primary function of the hatchery until 2015. Eggs, fry, and smolts were produced for Atlantic salmon recovery programs on the Merrimack, Connecticut, Pawcatuck, and Saco Rivers. This program was scaled back in 2012, and now, the station holds a few salmon adults for viewing purposes.

Today our hatchery produces American shad and brook trout.