The Ranches - New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranch

Since 1944 The New Mexico Boys & Girls Ranch (“The Ranches”) has offered a unique combination of family-style living in a rural ranch environment.

The organization has evolved over the years from a single building, to include a large ranch south of Belen, NM that is home to struggling youth that promotes opportunity and meaningful help for struggling children and their families. Our multi-denominational Christian programs offer kids a safe place to live, a personalized plan to address their needs and goals, and individualized education and counseling. We offer families help through services such as crisis management, family counseling and parent skills training.

The ranches changes lives

The Ranches has helped thousands of kids and teens develop essential skills, make lasting connections and giving them a second chance toward a better future.  

  • A safe place to learn, grow and develop
  • Supportive relationships with caring mentors 
  • Enriching programs, experiences and activities

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