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Mazama Pocket Gopher Recovery

Mazama Pocket Gopher

Recovery of 4 Subspecies of Mazama Pocket Gopher

          Roy Prairie Pocket Gopher

          Olympia Pocket Gopher

          Tenino Pocket Gopher

          Yelm Pocket Gopher

  • These four subspecies of Mazama pocket gopher (Roy Prairie pocket gopher (Thomomys mazama glacialis); Olympia pocket gopher (T. m. pugetensis); Tenino pocket gopher (T. m. tumuli); and Yelm pocket gopher (T. m. yelmensis)) are found only in Thurston (Olympia, Tenino, and Yelm pocket gophers) and Pierce (Roy Prairie pocket gopher) Counties in south Puget Sound, Washington.  They are fossorial (burrowing) mammals which occupy well-drained, friable soils often associated with glacial outwash prairie habitats.  In April 2014, these four subspecies were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

    The recovery process for these four subspecies is supported by three documents:

    The Draft Recovery Plan describes the recovery strategy, recovery criteria, and site-specific management actions necessary to achieve recovery.

    The Recovery Implementation Strategy details the particular near-term activities needed to implement the recovery actions identified in the recovery plan.

    In addition, the Species Biological Report, which summarizes the best available scientific information regarding the biology and ecology of the four subspecies of Mazama pocket gopher and assessment of threats to the subspecies is being drafted and will be available prior to finalization of the recovery plan. In place of a Species Biological Report for the draft recovery plan, we incorporated by reference the pertinent information regarding the life history and biology of the four Mazama pocket gopher subspecies, the current status of the subspecies, and the threats that impact the subspecies from the final listing rule.  New conservation actions and research since the listing which have increased quality and quantity of suitable habitat for some of the subspecies are also included in the draft recovery plan. 

    Story map about the Mazama pocket gopher:


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