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Bulls Island Safari with Dr. Patrick McMillan Sunday, September 13th

Explore Bulls Island with Dr. Patrick McMillan, world-renowned naturalist and host of Expeditions with Patrick McMillan. This tour is a special opportunity to learn about the plants and animals of the refuge. Sponsored by the Friends of Coastal South Carolina, the tour will benefit the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Program at Cape Romain. Call Coastal Expeditions at 843.884.7684 or visit to make your reservation. Information on the Safari.


Francis Marion NF Hunt Season Coming in September! Forest Visitors Required to Wear Orange

Attention! During the Deer Hunting Season all forest users are required to wear a hat, coat or vest of Solid International Orange while in the Wildlife Management Area. The deer hunt season is from September 15 - January 02, 2016.


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Red wolf pup Jewell has vet checkup Red Wolves at Home at the Sewee Center!

The Sewee Center is home to six endangered Red wolves. Two sisters arrived at the Center from the Salisbury Zoological Park on November 1, 2012. On May 21, 2013 a male and female arrived from the captive facility at Alligator River NWR. The male sired six pups at the Sewee Center on April 8, 2014. Two male pups remain at the Sewee Center with their parents. Call the Sewee Center at 843.928.3368 or visit for updated information on the pups. With a population of approximately 300, the Red wolf is one of the most endangered animals in the world today.

Red wolf pup Jewell.
Credit: Karen Soltis


Red Wolf Pups Born at Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center


Red Wolf pups at Sewee Center. Credit: Raye Nilius/USFWS Great News! On April 8th, the captive breeding female, fondly known as "Lilly", gave birth to six pups of which four survived. The Sewee Center is excited to announce that two endangered Red Wolf pups are thriving!


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  Image of Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center. Credit: Tricia Lynch/ USFWS
  Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center. Credit: Tricia Lynch/USFWS

See! Touch! Hear! Experience the unique heritage and natural history of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Jointly operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Forest Service,the Sewee Center showcases the valuable ecosystems of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge and the Francis Marion National Forest and provides educational opportunities
and a pleasant experience for all ages.

What the Center Offers:

  • Exhibits featuring forest to sea ecosystems
  • Live endangered red wolf viewing area with interpretive panels
  • Classroom and laboratory designed for lectures and hands-on experiments
  • Recreation Information Center
  • Book sales outlet
  • Auditorium - an orientation film introduces you to the Forest and Refuge
  • Nature trail - a one mile loop trail encompasses the pond, red wolf enclosure and wooded area surrounding the Center



South Carolina Lowcountry Refuges Complex - News from "Life in the Wild" in Volume 7!

Life in the Wild is the newsletter for the Cape Romain, Ernest F. Hollings ACE Basin, Santee and Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuges. With over 115,240 acres, these unique public lands encompass pristine barrier island beaches, rich salt marsh estuary and riverine ecosystems, and forested freshwater wetlands. Learn about how we manage these special areas for wildlife and people in our Life in the Wild Newsletters. Get Outside! Our latest edition, Volume 7, highlights the importance of our collaborative partnerships- agencies, organizationsand communities working together to support our rich natural and cultural histories, promote recreational activities on the refuges, and assist in management efforts underway to protect our habitats and species. Enjoy the newsletter!


Last updated: August 29, 2015
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