Mule Deer

For Emergencies or to Report Poaching

      For emergencies, or to report poaching in progress, dial 911.
      Oregon: For non-emergency wildlife-related issues in Oregon, call the Oregon State Patrol at (541) 776-6111.
      Washington: For non-emergency wildlife-related issues in Washington, call the Washington State Patrol at (509) 575-2320.

Hunting Regulations & Maps

For rules and regulations other than fishing on McNary and Columbia and hunting, please visit the respective refuge web sites.

2016-2017 Hunting Tear Sheets

The hunting maps are now GeoPDFs. Maps can be viewed in the PDF map reader Avenza. Avenza allows you to track your location, add way points, and check boundaries while offline. Avenza is a free application that can be downloaded from an app store to your smart device. You will have to download the maps separate from the tear sheets; the individual maps are in the next section down.

2016-2017 Cold Springs NWR
2016-2017 Columbia NWR
2016-2017 Conboy Lake NWR
2016-2017 Hanford Reach National Monument
2016-2017 McKay Creek NWR
2016-2017 McNary NWR, Headquarters (McNary Fee Hunt)
2016-2017 McNary NWR, Two Rivers & Peninsula
2016-2017 McNary NWR, Wallula
2016-2017 Toppenish NWR
2016-2017 Umatilla NWR, McCormack
2016-2017 Umatilla NWR, Boardman, Paterson, Ridge, Whitcomb

New: 2016-2017 GeoPDF Maps

These maps are geo-referenced for use in the Avenza desktop and mobile app. Simply save the map to Avenza or upload to Avenza, then select the map of the refuge you are at to see where you are on the tearsheet. (Disclaimer: Boundary, blind locations, and all signs on the ground are the official markers and maps are only for reference.)

Cold Springs NWR Geo-Referenced Map
Columbia NWR Geo-Referenced Map
Conboy Lake NWR Geo-Referenced Map
Hanford Reach National Monument Geo-Referenced Map
McKay Creek NWR Geo-Referenced Map
McNary NWR, Headquarters (McNary Fee Hunt) Geo-Referenced Map
McNary NWR, Burbank Slough, Two Rivers & Peninsula Geo-Referenced Map
McNary NWR, Wallula Geo-Referenced Map
Toppenish NWR Geo-Referenced Map
Umatilla NWR, McCormack Geo-Referenced Map
Umatilla NWR, Boardman, Paterson, Ridge & Whitcomb Island Geo-Referenced Map

Fishing Regulations & Maps

Columbia & McNary National Wildlife Refuges have Fishing Regulations Tear Sheets available.

Columbia NWR Fishing Regulations
McNary NWR Fishing Regulations

Hunting Results – McCormack (Umatilla) & Fee Area (McNary)

Due to severe staffing reductions, harvest statistics for the 2016-2017 season will not be compiled or posted until the end of the season.

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