Tenacious Beasts Wild Read Book Discussion

The USFWS Library invites you to join us for our online Wild Read book discussion of Tenacious Beasts by Christopher J. Preston on Thursday, February 29 at 3 PM EST

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We’re kicking off America's Wild Read this year with a new inspirational bestseller titled, Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think about Animals by Christopher J. Preston. Having grown up in England but spending most of his adult life in United States, Preston focuses on species from the places he knows best.  

News for animals is pretty grim, with an overall twenty percent decline in wildlife populations in the last century and 900 species of wildlife gone extinct since industrialization. But despite the decline, some species of wildlife are making a comeback. Tenacious Beasts spotlights several species who have rebounded like humpback whales, black bears, storks, wolves, and more. This captivating book is written to inspire and bring hope through its stories of strong-willed and adaptable animals and their recoveries.

In each section of the book -from farms, prairies, rivers, forests, to oceans- Preston challenges our attitudes, thoughts, and actions while making a case for a better set of ideas around wildlife. If animals are able to flourish in the 21st century landscapes, “We need more suitable ways of thinking about the wildlife that surrounds us.” He shares personal stories from people who know the creatures best and ties together a compelling narrative of wildlife taking back their vital ecological role.

If you are an FWS employee, you can access an eBook of Tenacious Beasts. For the first time, we're offering our Wild Read selection as an audiobook. Find the USFWS Library on Libby to borrow. For more instructions, see the Libby Library Guide. FWS employees may also email catherine_blalack@fws.gov to borrow a print copy as available. For the general public, Tenacious Beasts can be found at your local library or bookstore. 

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