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Refuge Access Regulations


Refuge access is restricted to open public roads and trails designated as “authorized routes.” All other foot, vehicle, bicycle, and horse travel is strictly prohibited. 

A printable PDF version of the Refuge Access Regulations listed below is available; the PDF includes a general map

General Information

Beginning May 1 at 8:00 am, the Refuge Road on the National Elk Refuge opens to public travel beyond the county-maintained line. This allows access to the Curtis Canyon and Flat Creek Roads and the adjoining Bridger-Teton National Forest. This area is closed each winter from December 1 through 8:00 am on May 1 to protect wintering wildlife.  

Refuge Access and Authorized Routes

Refuge access is restricted to open public roads and trails designated as “authorized routes.” All other foot, vehicle, bicycle, and horse travel is strictly prohibited. This includes travel between the Refuge and adjacent National Forest lands. You must be on an authorized route at all times while within the Refuge boundary. All entry and travel on Refuge lands outside authorized routes is prohibited. The Refuge boundary is clearly marked by high-visibility orange posts.

Collecting Natural Products 

It is illegal to take, collect, retrieve, possess, sell, purchase, or transport any natural product, including shed antlers, from the Refuge. This regulation is strictly enforced.

Possession of natural products, including shed antlers, is restricted to the Refuge’s authorized access routes. Any possession of natural products on the Refuge outside an authorized route is prohibited and will result in seizure of the items.  

Flat Creek Road
From the Refuge entrance on East Broadway to the boundary of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This includes the East parking lot and the trail to Dry Hollow, as marked.

Curtis Canyon Road
From the junction with Flat Creek Road to the boundary of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. This includes the trail to Curtis Canyon as marked, that starts at the Forest Service information board. 

Forest Access Trail
This trail starts on the Refuge Road south of Miller’s Butte and provides direct access to the Bridger-Teton National Forest, as marked. 

April 30 - May 1 Restrictions 

Overnight parking is allowed on the night of April 30. Parking is allowed on the right shoulder of the Refuge Road on April 30.

Vehicles parked on the Refuge Road may not obstruct the flow of traffic or be left unattended.

Tent camping off the roadway is not allowed.

Other Year-Round Restrictions

Stopping on the Refuge Road in a manner that obstructs the free movement of other vehicles is prohibited.

Foot travel off the roadway is restricted to the immediate area of the roadway (approximately 15 feet) as signed.

Camping and night parking are not allowed.

Campfires and warming fires are not allowed.

Attempting to or actually disturbing, injuring, destroying, or collecting any plant or animal is prohibited.

Public intoxication is strictly prohibited.

Possession and discharge of fireworks is prohibited.

Animals are restricted to the Refuge Road and approved routes. All animals, including dogs and horses, must be restrained at all times.

Animal waste must be collected and properly disposed.

Hay must be certified weed free.

All food and garbage must be stored in side vehicles or trailers.

Littering is prohibited.

Depositing of garbage or human waste is not allowed on the Refuge, other than at provided facilities.

Administration and service roads are closed to all public access.






Last Updated: Oct 02, 2014
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