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General Hunting Information


Hunting is a refuge management tool to help reach population numbers identified in the Bison and Elk Management Plan (2007). Bison and elk are the only two species managed through a refuge hunt program.

  • Elk Hunting

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    Ten hunt periods are available to hunters in 2014, with hunt periods generally one week long. The season runs from October 11 through December 14. To apply for an elk hunting permit to hunt on the Refuge, hunters must complete an application online from August 14 to September 26.

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  • Bison Hunting


    In 2014, the Refuge bison season runs from August 15, 2014 through January 18, 2015. Bison hunting licenses are issued by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. New for the 2014 season: Hunters will obtain a Refuge-specific bison hunting permit by completing an application online.

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  • Voluntary Use of Non-Lead Ammunition


    The Refuge promotes the voluntary use of non-lead ammunition, allowing hunters a unique opportunity to maintain support for hunting programs by demonstrating a commitment to safe, quality hunting practices that will benefit the long-term conservation of wildlife.  Photo credit: Bud Hamm 

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  • Retrieval and Guide Services


    Commercial retrieval services and guide services are not required while hunting on the Refuge. However, both services are available for a fee to assist hunters. Photo credit: Mark Gocke 

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  • Bear Safety


    Grizzly bears have been sighted on the National Elk Refuge, including designated elk and bison hunting areas. Hunters should keep in mind they may encounter bears at any time and in any location. 

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  • Hunting on National Wildlife Refuges


    National wildlife refuges exist primarily to safeguard wildlife populations through habitat preservation. The word "refuge" includes the idea of providing a haven of safety for wildlife, and as such, hunting might seem an inconsistent use of the National Wildlife Refuge System. However, habitat that normally supports healthy wildlife populations produces harvestable surpluses that are a renewable resource. As practiced on refuges, hunting may be necessary for sound wildlife management. 

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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2014
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