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CBC 4 Kids

January 12, 2013Calendar Junco

Kids ages 8-12 are invited out for the Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids. Meet at the Magee Marsh Bird Center at 9 am to join us in this Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids. All youth must be accompanied by an adult. The day includes birding basics, birding with experienced team leaders, lunch and prizes. 

 Modeled after the regular Audubon count this one allows for some time to learn how to use binoculars and field guides. We count for just over an hour and are treated to a pizza lunch by the Friends of Magee Marsh. After lunch teams will report their birds, favorites and highlights of their count. They then will receive prizes and certificates. It is a great day to spend time outside learning about birds and making new friends.

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2012
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