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Amateur Photo Contest

August 31stSwan set

Did you get some great photos while enjoying the refuge? Enter them in the amateur photo contest! In September we will display all the entries in the auditorium and on the Seney Natural History Association’s Flickr site, where visitors will vote for their favorites. When on display for voting, the entries depict an incredible array of Refuge experiences. Details can be found in the Visitor Center or on our website. Photo: 1st Place Plants Category - White Water Lily by Barbara Hysell.

You’re invited to participate in Seney National Wildlife Refuge’s Amateur Photo Contest. The sole purpose of the contest is to encourage you to visit and enjoy the Refuge. Up to five entries (total) per person may be submitted - no more than three per category with exception of the youth category. The Special Assignment category will change each year.  Photos may depict any of the following categories:  


1.  Wildlife (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, Spiders, Insects, etc.  
2.  Public Use/Recreation  
3.  Landscape  
4.  Plants/Plant Like Organisms (Wildflowers, Lichens, Mushrooms, etc.) 
5.  Special Assignment 2014: Camouflage 
6.  Youth (18 and under)  

Contest Rules and Regulations

1.  All entries must be photographs taken at Seney National Wildlife Refuge or the Whitefish Point Unit. 


2.  Up to five entries (total) per person may be submitted - no more than three per category with exception to the youth category. Youth may enter up to five photos in their age bracket. 


3.  Photographers must be non-professional; this is an amateur contest.  For the purposes of this photography contest, a professional photographer is considered to be a photographer who has clients, depends on photography for their income, markets their services and/or writes off their expenses as a business owner. 


4.  All photographs should be submitted as an electronic copy (please send the highest resolution possible) AND in a printed format 5”x7”, 8”x10” or 8”x12”. Any photos not in accordance with size restrictions are subject to cropping.  Black and white or color photos are acceptable. If you are unable to submit an electronic copy of your photo Refuge staff will scan the photo for you. Note that scanned photos are not always as high quality as photos submitted electronically. Photos may not be matted nor should there be any frame or border surrounding the photo (digital or otherwise). Photos may not display the name of the photographer on the front of the photograph. 


5.  Mail or deliver the printed entries to: Seney National Wildlife Refuge; c/o Photo Contest; 1674 Refuge Entrance Road; Seney, MI 49883  


6.  Electronic copies may be mailed with the printed copy or emailed to, the subject line should read “Photo Contest”. Entries are accepted year round. 


7.  On the back of the printed photo, please attach a signed permission form with your contact information.  Photos lacking the signed permission form will be disqualified. 


8.  All entries must be received by August 31, or they will be entered in the following year’s contest.  


9.  Photos that have been altered to combine two or more photos will be disqualified. Photos that use replication or other techniques to add details to a photo will be disqualified. 


10.  Anyone whose photo has been disqualified will be notified before the voting begins. 


11.  If a minor is pictured in a photo an “Agreement of Use of Likeness in Service Products” (USFWS form 3-2260) must accompany the entry forms, copies can also be found at the Visitor Center or mailed to requesting individuals. 


12.  All entries will be retained by the Refuge and may be used for a variety of reasons including non-profit publications, webpages and presentations.  


13.  While extreme care will be taken in handling all entries, the Refuge cannot be responsible for any damage to photographs.  


Online Voting:  Cast your vote for your favorite photos from September 10th to October 15th. 

To cast your vote visit the Seney Natural History Association's Flickr Page during the months of September and October to choose your favorite photo in each category. Then send email your votes to The subject line should read, VOTE 2013. The body of the email should include the code numbers for each of the six categories.  Example:  Landscape: L#, Wildlife: W#, Plants: P#, Recreation R#, Special Assignment: S# and Youth: Y#.  Please only vote once.


The photos will be displayed at the Visitor Center in September and October and on Seney’s Flickr page. Credit will be given to each of the contestants once the voting has been completed. The public will vote for their favorites in each of the categories. You may cast your vote at the Visitor Center or online. Voting will begin by September 10th and end on October 20th. Certificates, ribbons and prizes (e.g. books, t-shirts, posters) will be awarded.    For further information please call (906) 586-9851 ext.15. 

Page Photo Credits — Swan at Sunset - © Dawn Kopp, 2011 Photo Contest
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014
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