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Road & Water Conditions

Bear River wetlands looking south

 When planning a visit to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, it is always good to check on the water levels and road conditions around our Auto Loop.  Along with information provided below, you can always call the Refuge at 435.723.5887. 

  • Road / Water Updates

    Water and Pelican (small)

    Water and road conditions can change frequently depending on weather and season. Check back here frequently for updated water conditions.

    •    WATER CONDITIONS:  Updated August 5th, 2014 Water conditions are good for late summer.  Rain in the first week of August has allowed us to maintain several units we expected to dry.  
    •    ROAD CONDITIONS:  Updated August 5th, 2014  Road Conditions are good, however the shoulders are soft because of the recent rains. Please be mindful of one way traffic on the Auto Tour...Traffic flows one way (Counter Clockwise) single lane.
Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014
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