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Huntable Species    

Big Game: deer, elk, moose, black bear and mountain lion (use of dogs prohibited to hunt mountain lions).    

Upland Game: grouse (dusky, spruce, and ruffed) and turkey     

Migratory Birds: geese, ducks, mergansers, and coots.   



hunting map. 

Big game and upland game hunting is allowed west of Lion's Den Road on the refuge in the forest.  Idaho State Rules and Regulations apply for the Panhandle Region.   

Waterfowl hunting is allowed only in designated areas.  


ADA Deer Hunt  

ADA accessible deer hunt blind is available by a lottery drawing.  Hunters with valid state licenses and tags who require ADA accessibility may apply to receive one of ten seven-day deer hunt permits.  See hunting map for dates.  Must meet Idaho Fish & Game disabled hunter needs. 

Short-range weapons only: muzzleloader, archery equipment, crossbow, shotgun using slugs, or a handgun using straight-walled cartridges not originally established for rifles.  Use of non-toxic, non-lead ammunition is required. 

Contact Refuge to be entered into random drawing and show proof of disabled license. 



Special Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations      

Waterfowl hunting is allowed 4 days per week (Tues. Thurs. Sat. and Sun.) in accordance with the state's season.  There is a 200-yard buffer zone to insure the safety of visitors using the Auto Tour Route and Deep Creek Trail.  Fixed blinds and free-roam waterfowl hunting is allowed.  Currently there are 2 ADA huntblinds available for reservation by calling Refuge headquarters.  Follow waterfowl reports and migration on the Ducks Unlimited Migration Map.     


Hunters are limited to the use and/or possession of no more than 25 non-toxic shotgun shells per day.  Hunters may enter the posted retrieving zone to retrieve downed birds or travel to or from hunting sites, but all firearms must be unloaded.  Decoys may not be set in the zone.  Pit blinds are prohibited.  Waterfowl hunters may use boats without motors.  No entry into waterfowl hunt area prior to 3 a.m. on a waterfowl hunt day.  Retrieval dogs are encouraged, but must remain under the hunter's control at all times.   

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2014
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