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Hunting partners (man and dog) in airboat

One of the most historical and beloved visitor uses on the Refuge is waterfowl hunting, and in fact, without the support of the hunting community, the Refuge may not have been created in 1928.

  • Refuge Hunting/Fishing Regulations

    Common goldeneye winging low over Refuge waters

    The Refuge has several areas open to waterfowl and pheasant hunting during the correct season. For more information on the Refuge Hunting areas, map, and regulations, download the Hunting & Fishing brochure or call the front desk at 435-723-5887 Monday -Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. 

     For more information on Utah State hunting licenses, seasons and regulations, check out the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.       

    Swan Checks/Harvest Report:  We check Swans at the Refuge Wildlife Education Center during regular business hours. Monday -Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm, 2155 West Forest St. Brigham City, UT. 

    **NOTE - the Refuge is not open for the Light Goose Hunt **

  • Water / Road Conditions

    High water levels and Road conditions

    Water and road conditions can change at anytime with weather, so please prepare.  Nearly all of the Refuge is frozen. As of noon on Monday 11/17: Unit 3 frozen, Unit 1A ramp - open water, 3 boats in the water, Unit 2C - some open water, 3 boats on 2c/9 ramps, Unit 2D probably open in select spots.  We have had more cold weather since then and do not recommend trying to put a boat in. 

    We still anticipate a prescribed burn near the Perry Boat Launch. The prescribed burn will be scheduled when weather permits and will allow for optimum conditions to reduce dead cover from invasive plant phragmites. Full press release here.

  • Willard Spur Hunting Blocks Map

    Hunters in the snow, Claude Fluette

    There are two hunting areas at the southern boundary of the Refuge called Hunting Blocks C.  They are accessible by boat launched from the Willard State Park public boat launch, but please note - the areas around the blocks are always closed to public access, so please download this WILLARD SPUR HUNTING BLOCKS C map for directions and GPS coordinates to these hunting areas.

  • Bird Surveys

    Law Enforcement checking in youth waterfowl hunters

    SWAN SURVEY:   The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conducts an aerial swan survey once a week during the fall, you can see their results by clicking the following Link. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

    REFUGE BIRD SURVEYS: The Refuge conducts monthly bird surveys.   The Waterbird Survey includes: waterfowl, shorebirds, herons and egrets, and raptors. The General Survey includes mainly songbirds and raptors. View Refuge Surveys here.

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014
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