Person with a leashed dog stand on a trail

Dogs on 6-foot leashes are allowed to enjoy the trails with their owners. Visitors should use disposable dog waste bags to remove all solid pet waste when visiting. Trash cans are available at Bass Ponds, Louisville Swamp north parking lot, and Rapids Lake North Hunter parking lot. In areas where there is no trash can you must take pet waste with you.

Trail Tips for Dog Walkers

  • Plan ahead to take pet waste with you. Step 1 is to bag the waste. Step 2 is to take the waste home or to a trash bin a the trailhead. If you need to take the waste home, bring a recyclable container like a large yogurt container to put the bag in during your drive home. Dispose of the waste bag in your trash bin and the (non-soiled) recyclable container in your recycle bin.
  • If you have a very friendly and curious dog, move to the side when others pass. Not all trail users enjoy a sniff from other dogs. Bikers and runners move through the trails quickly, so for everyone's safety make sure your dog stays near you.
  • Pack water for your dog to drink along the way. They get hot and tired too!
  • Check for ticks after your hike.
  • Paws will be muddy, pack a towel or blanket in your vehicle to keep your seats clean.