Rinearson Natural Area

Open water with trees surrounding the edges

Rinearson Natural Area

The Rinearson Natural Area restoration project restored 33 acres of habitat at Meldrum Bar Park and adjacent private properties to improve conditions for salmon, lamprey, mink, bald eagle, osprey, and native turtles. The project is managed by Columbia Restoration Group and Falling Springs and was completed in 2018 to provide enhanced habitat in Rinearson Creek at its confluence with the Willamette River. The project includes:

  • Removal of a dam to restore access to Rinearson Creek for salmon and lamprey 
  • Addition of large wood in the stream for small fish to hide, rock piles in the uplands for mink to den, and snags for bald eagles and other birds to perch and hunt
  • Planting of thousands of native plants and working to manage invasive vegetation for native turtles
  • Continued monitoring for 10 years

More information on the Rinearson Natural Area project can be found below, by visiting the Falling Springs project website, or by searching the term "Rinearson" in the Trustee Council's administrative record.

rocky creek surrounded by green shrubs

Rinearson Creek flowing through Rinearson Natural Area

Beaver dam with mud

Beaver dam at Rinearson Natural Area