Alder Creek

Shallow water habitat with trees and shrubs

Alder Creek

The Alder Creek restoration project has transformed a former lumber mill into a 52-acre refuge for salmon, bald eagle, and other fish and wildlife in Portland Harbor. Constructed by Wildlands in 2014 and 2015, the Alder Creek project provides habitat in an area of the lower Willamette River that has been highly impacted by industrialization. Project features include:

  • Excavation of a side channel to provide resting and feeding areas for young salmon and lamprey
  • Enhancement of nearly 9 acres of beaches, mudflats, and marsh to provide access to food and water for mink, as well as forage areas for birds and habitat for salmon during high river levels
  • Restoration of 27 acres of riparian habitat with thousands of native plants
  • Installation of habitat structures on 13 acres of oak woodland including large snags where bald eagle, osprey, and other birds can perch and hunt
  • Project will continue to be monitored for 10 years

More information on the Alder Creek project can be found below, by visiting the Wildlands website, or by searching the term "Alder Creek" in the Trustee Council's administrative record.

Beaches and mudflats at Alder Creek site

Beaches and mudflats at Alder Creek

Water and grasses with blue sky

Shallow water habitat at Alder Creek