Recreation in Portland Harbor - We Need Your Input!

People paddling canoes on the Willamette River

Boaters on the Willamette River

The Trustee Council is beginning to plan for projects that will improve river access, visitor experience, and non-motorized boating on the Willamette River in and around the Portland Harbor area. Because public input is essential to this planning process, we are interested to hear what kinds of projects would improve experiences on and near the Willamette River in Portland, such as visiting beaches, fishing, paddling, wildlife viewing, and swimming.

The Trustee Council is currently collecting public input here. This will help the Trustee Council develop a restoration plan for recreation.

The Trustee Council’s assessment efforts have demonstrated that contamination has negatively impacted river-based recreation in the Portland area. We know that people use the river less and enjoy river-based recreation less than they would have if the Willamette River was not contaminated. We are now planning for how to most effectively identify and implement projects that will improve public river access and recreational opportunities to compensate for the impacts of contamination.

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Please provide your feedback, share this link within your community, and help us to plan for improved recreation experiences in Portland Harbor. This early input opportunity will remain open until late fall 2022.