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New Photos of OR7 and His Family

Photo - OR7's pup (John Stephenson, USFWS).

On July 12, remote trail cameras captured new photos of OR7, his mate and growing pups. Biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife initially observed the pups in early June, signifying the first known wolf reproduction in the Oregon Cascades since the mid-1940s.

Check out the recent photos at the link below.  Note: you'll have to look very closely to see that second pup.

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Oregon Spotted Frog to be Protected under the Endangered Species Act

Photo - Oregon spotted frog (Courtesy of Alan St. John).

Today, the USFWS announced its decision to extend protection to the Oregon spotted frog as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. The species will be protected throughout its range in Oregon and Washington.

The final rule designating critical habitat for the Oregon spotted frog is expected in fall.
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See a new video on bull trout reintroduction in the Clackamas River

Watch this stunning 4-minute video on the reintroduction of bull trout to the Clackamas River, Oregon!!!! The video tells the story of the diligent efforts of fish biologists to once again see bull trout flourish in waters where they were eliminated over 50 years ago. The video was funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and produced by Freshwaters Illustrated, a not-for-profit oganization based in Oregon whose goal is to raise aquatic awareness through photo, video and film.

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