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USFWS Seeking Information on Proposal to List West Coast Population of Fisher as Threatened

photo of fisher (courtesy of Brian Boroski)

The proposed rule published on Oct. 7 in the Federal Register, opening a 90-day comment period.

We seek information and comments from the public, stakeholders, and the scientific community on a number of topics, including the designation of the West Coast Distinct Population Segment (DPS) as a threatened species and also on two DPS alternatives described in the Federal Register notice starting on page 60438.

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Oregon Spotted Frog Actions

Photo - Oregon spotted frog (Courtesy of Alan St. John).

To Be Protected Under the ESA: The USFWS announced its decision to extend protection to the Oregon spotted frog as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. The species will be protected throughout its range in Oregon and Washington. The final rule designating critical habitat for the Oregon spotted frog is expected in the fall. Read more>

Conservation Agreement between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon: This voluntary agreement reduces threats to the Oregon spotted frog inhabiting a mixed-use development complex, while providing assurances against additional regulatory requirements under the Endangered Species Act. View News Bulletin>

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Western population of the yellow-billed cuckoo receives protection under the ESA

photo- Yellow-billed cuckoo (Wikipedia)

The western distinct population segment of the yellow-billed cuckoo will be listed as a threatened species across its range which covers portions of 12 western states, including Oregon. The cuckoo requires habitat of dense riparian forest and remaining habitat in Oregon exists primarily along the Willamette River and lower Columbia. Critical habitat proposed for the yellow-billed cuckoo in August did not include Oregon.

The final rule becomes effective November 3, 2014.
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