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Visitor Center SUMMER Schedule (effective June 1 - August 31)

Open Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 a.m-4:00 p.m; CLOSED Sunday & Monday

Swamp Island Drive, hiking trails, Chesser Island Boardwalk, and Okefenokee Adventures are open as following:

OPEN:  ½-hour before sunrise every day

CLOSE:   7:30pm – March 1 through October 31

                              5:30pm – November 1 through end of February

Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Okefenokee Photo Collage

Photo credits: Swamp Scene-USFWS;
Chesser Island Homestead-Blaine Eckberg/USFWS,
Sandhill Cranes-Gene Stauff, Alligator-USFWS, Prairie Flowers-USFWS

In southern Georgia and northern Florida there is a very special place, one of the oldest and best preserved freshwater systems in America. Native Americans called it Okefenoka, meaning “Land of the Trembling Earth”. Now this place, where earth, air, fire and water continuously reform the landscape, is preserved within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, created in 1937 to protect wildlife and for you to explore.

The Okefenokee offers so much, one could spend a lifetime and still not see and do everything. The refuge is vast, with almost 402,000 acres (that’s roughly 300,000 football fields in size) of cypress forest, marsh, lakes and islands. Filled with alligators, Sandhill cranes, red-cockaded woodpeckers and over 400 other species of animals, it is a wonderful place to learn about the wildlife of Georgia and Florida. The longleaf pine, cypress, carnivorous sundews and other plants make up different habitats from dry upland forests to open wetlands. Golden sunsets and thundering storms allows one to experience this magical place at its most beautiful and most awe-inspiring moments.

There are many ways to explore the Okefenokee. Guided boat tours take visitors through cypress forests, historic canals and open prairies. Water trails and platforms allow people to canoe for the day or stay overnight deep within the 354,000 acre wilderness. Winding boardwalks and trails lead through unique habitats to observation towers and viewing platforms. Opportunities for nature photography, hunting and fishing are readily available. One can even drive a car or ride a bike to a restored homestead to discover how “swampers” once made their home here.

So come and explore the world renowned Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It is yours to visit. You’ll be glad you did.

Disclaimer: GPS units do not give accurate driving instructions to get to the refuge. Click here for maps and driving directions.



Refuge Vision

The vision for Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is to protect and enhance wildlife and its habitat, ensure the integrity of the ecological system,and embrace the grandeur, mystery, and cultural heritage that leads visitors to an enrichment of the human spirit.


Okefenokee's Honors

*Wetland of International Importance - United Nations 1971 Ramsar Convention
*U.S. Tentative List for World Heritage Site Status
*National Wilderness Area (3rd largest east of the Mississippi River)
*National Natural Landmark
*Featured on 2007 U.S. Postage Stamp
*Water Trails designated as a National Recreation Trail
*Several National Historic Register structures
*Over one dozen feature films and documentaries have been filmed in the Swamp
*Setting for the nationally syndicated POGO comic strip (1948-1975)

For facts about Okefenokee, check out Okefenokee at a Glance.


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912-496-3332 FAX
E-Mail: okefenokee@fws.gov



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"Oke Archery Days" this summer! Find out more HERE.

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