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The Wetlands Mapper integrates digital map data with other resource information to produce timely and relevant management and decision support tools. We recommend looking at the following prior to launching a map:

number 1 Please read the DisclaimerData Limitations, Exclusions and Precautions, and the Wetlands Geodatabase User Caution.
New on the Wetlands Mapper!

Digital Data Additions
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Historic Wetlands Data Coverage
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Refer to the following links for documentation and answers to frequently asked questions:

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Please note:

  • When in the wetlands mapper, you can change major geographic regions by using the "Zoom to: select" pull down menu located at the upper right side corner.
  • Adobe Flash™ is required to access the Wetlands Mapper. Please visit the Adobe Flash Player website ( to download the latest version of the player. Adobe Flash is a trademark from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

* If you have trouble viewing or printing the mapper data, please see this FAQ.

Last updated: October 2, 2015