Test Your Counting Skills

Here, you will have an opportunity to test and hone your ability to accurately and consistently estimate numbers of birds in flocks. You can choose an experience level and a range of flock sizes that are most appropriate for you, and you will be presented with sets of 10 images for which you will estimate the number of birds. The application tracks your estimates versus actual counts and provides summary statistics for your performance, which you may print for your records if you wish to.

Supported browsers: Chrome, FireFox35+ or IE10+.  Download Google Chrome

  Select your Experience Level

  Beginner/Refresher (10 seconds to view image)
  Moderate (6 seconds to view image)
  Challenging (3 seconds to view image)

  Next, select flock size ranges

  >3,000 (images always displayed for 15 secs)

Suggested citation:
Bowman, T. D. 2015. Aerial observer training and testing resources: test your counting skills. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Downloaded from http://www.fws.gov/waterfowlsurveys/.

Still photos: Anna Anderson, Shannon Badzinski, Tim Bowman, W. Sean Boyd, Francois Bulduc, Chris Dau, Joe Evenson, William Larned, Josee Lefebre, Christine Lepage, Dennis Marks, Mike Petrula, Andrew Raedeke, Sonia Rosenfeld, Dan Ruthrauff, Blair Stringham, Mark Vrista, Heather Wilson, Mike Wolder, Daniel Zatz, Tamara Zeller.
Web development and programming: Nandi Xie

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