Developing Conservation Leaders Through MENTOR

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Developing Conservation Leaders Through MENTOR

Developing Conservation Leaders through MENTOR highlights an innovative approach to strengthening capacity and inspiring leadership for wildlife conservation in Africa: the USFWS International Affairs MENTOR Program. Launched in 2008, MENTOR’s model combines academic and field-based approaches through experiential learning. MENTOR programs have developed conservation leadership across a range of issues, including the bushmeat trade, extractive industries, fisheries management, and the unique challenges of manatee, great ape, and pangolin conservation. As of 2021, MENTOR programs have supported 61 Fellows from 11 countries, who have gone on to lead conservation initiatives within governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector; perform research; earn post-graduate degrees; and become mentors themselves to new conservationists. The experiences and stories in this booklet offer a glimpse into how the programs have impacted the careers and professional development of MENTOR Fellows, resulting in a strong return on investment and advancing the wildlife conservation agenda through innovative African leadership.

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