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Chuck-wills-widow (male)
Great Horned Owl
Hawaiian Duck (female)
Western Meadowlark
Ferruginous Hawk
Northern Flicker (red-shafted)
Golden Eagle
American Kestrel (male)
Northern Mockingbird
Mourning Dove
Ring-billed Gull (immature)
Ruffed Grouse

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Pepper Trail is the senior ornithologist at the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, and conceived of the Feather Atlas in 2005. He continues to supervise the project.

Ariel Gaffney joined the Forensics Lab as an ornithologist in 2017. She assists in the administration, expansion, and design of the Feather Atlas.

Sue Polich performs all feather scanning and image processing work. Working entirely as a volunteer, she is the person most responsible for the growth of the Feather Atlas.

Brad Foster pioneered the Feather Atlas website application and database in 2006, and continues to provide indispensable support and consultation.

Toby Greenfield is the principal developer of the new Feather Atlas website, implemented in 2019.