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The Best Anglers

Watching Wildlife


Want to see more animals on your trip to Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge? Here are some tips from the "experts."

Watching Wildlife

About the Complex

Mid-Columbia River National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The Mid-Columbia River Refuges are eight refuges within the Columbia Basin.

Toppenish is managed as part of the Mid-Columbia River National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

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About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America’s fish, wildlife, and plants.

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Enjoying Toppenish

  • 50th Birthday

    50th Birthday

    Toppenish NWR was established on April 27, 1964, although the authorization for its establishment was granted on August 21, 1962, meeting of the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission. That initial establishment of the refuge was only 40 acres, although another 60 acres were added the next day. Over the years, the size of Toppenish has slowly increased to its present level of 1,979 acres, with the last addition on May 19, 1992. The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission originally created Toppenish NWR to: 1) maintain wintering habitat for ducks and geese (primarily mallards); 2) provide protection and habitat for wildlife species other than waterfowl; and 3) provide opportunities to the general public for a variety of wildlife-oriented recreational activities. In the intervening 50 years, Toppenish NWR has certainly lived up to its intended purposes. Happy Birthday, Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Working With Water

    Backhoe Illustration

    Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge is adding to its wetland acreage with the conversion of a weed infested upland to approximately 30 acres of prime wetland habitat! The restoration will not only increase the amount of feeding and loafing habitat available for migratory and wintering water birds, but will also improve the function of the adjacent wetlands by providing greater connectivity.

    Resource Management
Page Photo Credits — Muskrat - Michael Bamford, Steelhead Jumping Falls - Greg Shields
Last Updated: May 28, 2014


  • 2014 Events Calendar

    Snowy Owl - EventsJanuary 01, 2014

    We've summarized our of events for you in PDF format. Things do change, so please look at the event details in the calendar.

    2014 Events Calendar (PDF)
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