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Bat with white-nose syndrome confirmed in Washington state

White-nose syndrome (WNS) has been confirmed in a little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) found near North Bend – the first recorded occurrence of this devastating bat disease in western North America. WNS has spread quickly among bats in other affected areas, killing more than six million beneficial insect-eating bats in North America since it was first documented nearly a decade ago. 

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Current Activities

  • USFWS Proposes to Downlist Columbian White-Tailed Deer

    The USFWS proposes to downlist the Columbian white-tailed deer, which joins a growing list of species listed under the Endangered Species Act that are making progress toward recovery in the Pacific Northwest. 

    Read the news release

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Kokanee Quest Geocache

  • Hunt for treasure and become a kokanee expert

    Kokanee Quest is a real-world treasure hunt for geocaches hiden around Lake Sammamish. Suitable for families or on your own, learn more about Lake Sammamish kokanee as you hike or bike in search of geocaches hidden in places that are important to kokanee!  Visit the Kokanee Quest website

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