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Waterfowl Hunting Results

White-fronted Geese at ColusaThe average hunt results from Sacramento, Delevan, Colusa, and Sutter NWRs will be posted online by Tuesday and Friday mornings with the exception of federal holidays. Beginning in the 2013-2014 hunting season, the delay in one day is due to the national servers being updated overnight instead of immediately. Call the 24-hour hunt results at 530-934-7774 x43 which is updated by 1 p.m. on Monday and Fridays. Do not call the main Complex phone line for hunt results--they will not be given. View the Complex's latest waterfowl surveys.

2013-2014 Season

Total Hunt Results for Sacramento, Delevan, Colusa, and Sutter:


2012-2013 Season

2011-2012 Season

2010-2011 Season

Page Photo Credits — by Mike Peters
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2014
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