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    • Michigan will Receive $1 million in Grants to Conserve Coastal Wetlands Including Lake Superior Shoreline
      An Invitation to Enjoy the 2014 Edition of Restoring the Great Lakes
      Meet the Quiet Giant - The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Request for Proposals for FY2015 Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Record of Decision for Environmental Impact Statement for Ballville Dam Project
      Agencies Offer Information on Request for Proposals for Habitat Restoration Projects in Southeast Missouri
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    • The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee with support from federal, state, and local agencies, and other private stakeholders, work to create a sustainable control program to prevent introduction and implement actions to protect and maintain the integrity and safety of the Great Lakes ecosystem from an Asian carp invasion via viable pathways.
      Studies investigating fish behavior and barge interactions at the Electric Dispersal Barriers in the CSSC.
      Summary of Activities and Expenditures to Manage the Threat of Asian Carp in the Upper Mississippi and Ohio River Basins
      Environmental DNA is a process used by the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee in which genetic material is extracted from water samples to help inform partner management decisions.
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service New Leader in eDNA Science for the Early Detection of Asian Carp.
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Looking for "soft news," story ideas or information about Fish and Wildlife Service activities and accomplishments in the field? Try the Field Notes web site. Field Notes includes an online searchable database that contains hundreds of employee-written summaries of field activities and other accomplishments.

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