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Saturday, May 21, is World Fish Migration Day!

A day to create awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish.

Migratory fish all over the world depend on free flowing rivers. Currently there are over six million barriers throughout the United States that stop fish from reaching their destinations. Destinations that provide habitat and spawning grounds fish need to survive and reproduce young.

Since the program launched in 1999, the National Fish Passage Program has removed 1,530 fish passage barriers, reopened 21,406 river miles and reconnected 166,751 wetland acres, benefiting over 90 species of fish.

Join the World Fish Migration Day celebration in support of fish migration!

Also visit the Migration Station. It includes educational materials and a fun Flat Fish Migration activity.

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Future Generations of Scientists Raising Future Generations of Salmon in Portland, OR, Public Schools

Photo credit: USFWS
photo of a fish tank that has salmon in the classroom provided by U.S. Fish and Wildllife Service on the front of the tank.

Pacific region Service biologists and local fourth grade teachers working together to instruct elementary school children about the development and life-cycle as well as the importance that salmon play in the ecosystem.

Salmon in the Classroom Program

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Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, Hatchery Creek

A dedication took place Friday, April 29. for a project which restores stream and wetland habitat for over one mile from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery , KY, down the valley to the Cumberland River.

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