Coastal Barrier Resources Act

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Digital CBRS Boundaries

Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) polygons in this data set are only representations of the official CBRS boundaries and are not to be considered authoritative.  In general, these digital boundaries can be considered accurate to within approximately 150 feet of the actual CBRS boundaries as shown on the official maps.  Additionally, because CBRS units extend seaward out to either the 20- or 30-foot bathymetric contour (depending on the location of the unit), the true seaward extent of the units is not shownThe Service is not responsible for any misuse or misinterpretation of this digital data set, including use of the data to determine eligibility for federal financial assistance such as federal flood insurance.  For information on obtaining an official determination of whether or not an area or specific property is located within the CBRS, please visit:  For information on project consultations, please visit: For information on the horizontal accuracy of this digital data set, please read the metadata.

Attention FEMA Mapping Partners: This data is approximate for most areas. Do not use it for Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). Please follow FEMA's Guidance for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping: Coastal Barrier Resources System Mapping on Flood Insurance Rate Maps and contact to obtain the appropriate data for the FIRMs.

  • Data Disclaimer and Use Constraints (PLEASE READ BEFORE USING DATA)
  • Shapefile: The boundaries file download is available as a Shapefile; compressed by using the .zip format. You can view the Shapefile by using ESRI's ArcGis Explorer free software, among others.
  • View CBRS Units with Google Earth: A Keyhole Markup Language file is available to view CBRS boundaries with Google Earth. Please note that Google Earth version 4.2, or higher, is required to load this file. To ensure that you use the latest version, it is recommended that you always load the file and open Google Earth by selecting the link below:

If Google Earth fails to launch automatically, the file can also be used by first launching the Google Earth application. Select the menu option File, Open, and then locate the previously downloaded file (CBRS-Boundaries-V3.kmz); then click the Open button.

Click here to view/download the XML* CBRS Metadata file: CBRS-Metadata.xml.

- Extensible Markup Language

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