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Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances (CCAA)
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Conservation Efforts To Protect Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, and Texas Kangaroo Rat; Comment Period Extensions
87 FR 14029 14029-14030   03/11/2022   Docket ID: FWS-R2-ES-2022-N223
Action: Notices of availability; public comment period extensions.
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Draft Low Effect Screening Form for a Categorical Exclusion and Candidate Conservation Plan; Texas Kangaroo Rat Candidate Conservation Agreement With Assurances, Montague, Clay, Wichita, Archer, Wilbarger, Baylor, Hardeman, Foard, Childress, Cottle, and Motley Counties, Texas
87 FR 9637 9637-9638   02/22/2022   Docket ID: FWS-R2-ES-2021-N028
Action: Notice of availability; request for public comments.
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Draft Environmental Assessment for Amendments to the Candidate Conservation Agreement/Candidate Conservation Agreement With Assurances for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) and Dunes Sagebrush Lizard (Sceloporus arenicolus) in New Mexico
87 FR 7492 7492-7493   02/09/2022   Docket ID: FWS-R2-ES-2021-N196
Action: Notice of availability of documents; request for public comment.
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Enhancement of Survival Permit; Agricultural Candidate Conservation Agreement With Assurances (CCAA) for Lesser Prairie Chicken in Oklahoma
87 FR 2635 2635-2636   01/18/2022   Docket ID: FWS-R2-ES-2021-N189
Action: Notice of availability; request for comments.
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