Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Proposed End to Southern Sea Otter Translocation Program

We are proposing to end the 24-year-old southern sea otter translocation program in California after an evaluation found the program is not meeting its objectives for restoring the species. We found many sea otters that were moved to San Nicolas Island left the island to return to the parent population along California’s central coast. And some sea otters that were removed from the “no-otter” zone... later died. In the final revised southern sea otter recovery plan, the recovery team recommends allowing natural expansion of sea otters into their historic range. Our evaluation concludes that the recovery of the southern sea otter would be better served by allowing sea otters now residing at San Nicolas Island to remain there. Learn more at Southern Sea Otter Information.

For information on UPDATES to the public hearing schedule related to the proposal, please click here.


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Last updated: April 16, 2014