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    Cokeville Meadows NWR Hunting Regs

    Cokeville Meadows NWR is open to hunting this year. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations before going in the field.

    Cokeville Meadows NWR Hunting Regs & Map

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    Cooperative Effort for Wildlife

    Cokeville Meadows NWR is a relatively new and growing Refuge with limited staff focused on working cooperatively with local ranchers.

    More about Cokeville

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    Cokeville Meadows NWR

    Part of the Seedskadee Complex located along a stretch of the Bear River in western Wyoming, the refuge was established in 1992.

    Learn more . . .

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    For the Birds

    The refuge supports one of the highest densities of nesting waterfowl in Wyoming.

    More about Cokeville Meadows NWR

Seasons of the Refuges

Fall & Migration

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Trumpeter swan cygnets have grown through the summer and by September begin to make their first attempts to fly. Common nighthawk numbers begin to build along the river. At dusk in early September, the sky appears to be full of nighthawks and then one day they are all gone, further south on their migration out of Wyoming and the north. Kokanee salmon and brown trout move onto the Refuge to spawn. Large “redds” of kokanee salmon can be seen in October, actually seeming to turn the river red is places, as they have changed into their red spawning colors. Concentrations of bald eagles arrive to catch salmon for the fall feast. As wetlands at higher elevations begin to freeze for the winter, ducks, mergansers, geese, and trumpeter swans begin to arrive in larger concentrations. The rut or breeding season for pronghorn, mule deer, moose, and elk occurs during the fall, and large males of each species may be seen challenging each other for dominance.

Seasons of Wildlife

About the Complex

Seedskadee & Cokeville Meadows NWR Complex

Complex Graphic

Seedskadee & Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Complex consists of two National Wildlife Refuges in southwestern Wyoming.

Cokeville Meadows is managed as part of the Seedskadee & Cokeville Meadows NWR Complex.

Learn more about the complex 

About the NWRS

National Wildlife Refuge System


The National Wildlife Refuge System, within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, manages a national network of lands and waters set aside to conserve America’s fish, wildlife, and plants.

Learn more about the NWRS  

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Refuge Happenings

  • Online Gallery of WY Jr Duck Stamp Winners Live

    15-III-Schupp-180x115April 30, 2015

    The gallery of the top 100 art entries for 2015 Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp is now available online. An album for each age group is available from our Refuge Facebook page. Be sure to check out our Facebook page while you're there!

    Gallery of WY 2015 Jr Duck Stamp Top 109 Artworks
  • Prescribed Grazing on National Wildlife Refuges

    management grazing CKV 02 - 75x230November 21, 2013

    The term “prescribed grazing” has been used to describe the use of grazing as a habitat management tool on National Wildlife Refuges. It refers to using livestock (cattle, sheep, etc.) for a habitat management purpose under a “prescription” that specifies the number and type of livestock, what length of time and what time of year, and the size of the area to be grazed. Grazing on a National Wildlife Refuge can only be used to maintain, restore, and/or enhance wildlife habitats. Since we do not own livestock, we work with neighboring livestock owners to conduct the grazing management. To learn more, visit the Wildlife and Habitat section using the link below or the heading at the top of this page.

    Prescribed grazing as a habitat management tool at Seedskadee
Page Photo Credits — All photos courtesy of USFWS unless otherwise noted., Wilson's Phalarope, Cokeville Meadows NWR.  Photo Credit K. Penner
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2015
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